Air Cleaners for intensive livestock farming and agriculture

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Kwaliteitsluchtwassers met garantie op goede werking

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Quality air systems that guarantee efficiency

Livestock and agricultural businesses all over the world - from Germany and the Netherlands to South Korea and Saudi Arabia - enjoy the good quality and desired return by KWB Air Systems.

Looking for an affordable solution that satisfactorily filters out dust, odours and ammonia leaving your environment free of pollution from your barns and stalls? KWB Air Systems provides and installs biological and chemical air systems for intensive livestock farming.

KWB biological air systems are known to have the lowest amount of water discharge, without the need for denitrification or reverse osmosis. The quantity of water discharge from the entire system is reduced by 80 to 90% in optimal conditions.

  • BWL and DLG certified
  • We supply and install a Turnkey system
  • guaranteed return on investment
  • Built from the most durable HDPE plastic
  • User and maintenance-friendly
  • Online monitoring

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NIEUW: mobiele wasplaats

KWB Air Systems introduceert samen met Kärcher een mobiele wasplaats. 

Een stand alone unit voor tijdelijke of permanente oplossingen, waarvoor u geen vergunning 
nodig heeft. De door ons, samen met Kärcher, ontwikkelde mobiele wasplaats is de ideale
oplossing voor mobiele reiniging. De mobiele wasplaats kan naar wens ingericht worden.

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KWB Air Systems on Dutch television

We were interviewed on Dutch television about our Air Systems. Watch the video here. 

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